Welcome to The Tech Savers

Computers are an everyday part of life. Whether you work on one everyday or just use it to check your email and surf the internet, everyone uses a computer and it can be exceptionally frustrating when they don’t work right. If your computer simply works too slow, constantly crashes, or doesn’t work at all, The Tech Savers is your solution. We’ll happily send one of our qualified technicians to your home or office and work on your system there (no more having to untangle wires from a cramped space to lugging your whole PC back to the retailer or having to figure out which wire goes where once they give it back to you)! Occasionally, we may need to bring your PC back to the office to resolve a problem. In this case, we will explain the entire procedure to you and usually have your system back in less then 72 hours. Some of our larger competitors require weeks to send your computer to a warehouse for repairs and then the person at the shop has no idea what was done to your system. At The Tech Savers, the technician who comes to your home or office will be your technician throughout the process and will happily speak to you at anytime.

Many small businesses also feel overwhelmed with the amount of technology available to them. New servers, faster systems, onsite versus offsite data storage, backup systems, and even high speed internet options can all become confusing if you try to add those decisions on top of the pressures of starting up or maintaining a business. The Tech Savers can guide you through the complex web of computer needs and make sure you don’t get too much or too little technology to fit your company’s needs. The Tech Savers lets you focus on your business while we take care of your technology needs.